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Easy and reliable opportunity to make money on the Internet

PTP programs are the best free way to make money online. Working of these programs is very simple. You will get a unique link upon registration; you can share this link on traffic exchanges, social networks, forums or other blogs and websites. Every time that link is opened, you will receive a certain amount of money.

So, until it is otherwise, I consider this page to be the most profitable.

"Original rotator advertising service"

Affordable and Effective Advertising Solutions | Easy and reliable opportunity to make money on the Internet

Note: there are no PTP earnings for promoting these banners, as they are linked to the main page.
These may be used only for promotional purposes with the goal of getting referrals.

Best paying top ptp sites pay up to $0.5 per 1000 visitors. For few of these top ptp sites the paying rates may vary according to region or country. These sites pay according to country using a tiered structure from level 1 to 5 (where level 1 is the highest and level 5 is the lowest).

 best ptp sites that are legit are listed with their payment proofs and ptp value. I recommend you to join some of these legit ptp sites

$0.4 per 1000 ptp visits

$0.25 per 1000 surf 

what traffic sources are you using for a similar result?

Accepted sites:

A few pages before that, I wrote in several places and also gave tips on which pages to use.
I use several types of pages. PTC, TE, Faucet. I usually earn the credits myself.
I buy ads on 3 pages. These are :


Here are some TIPS for new beginners with ZERO MONEY:
use the following pages to promote your PTP link:

Some of my "free" advertising pages: (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange) (Traffic exchange)

easyhits4u /TE/PTc (offers) / TE / TE / PTc / TE / TE 

(using the pages above, you can earn approximately 20 to 25 cents per day) You can run multiple websites at the same time.
All pages are currently ACCEPTED.
Attention! That may change!

my experience is good with rotate4all. they are legit and pay all the time. Users who try to cheat will be banned. It's a rotating service and it has demand for its slots, hence they pay

Look ... other sites can earn 1-2 cents a day. That wouldn't be a problem, BUT:

Multiple pages need to be coordinated.

The minimum payouts are $2+.

To reached this, without referrals a minimum of 2-3 months ... 95% of PTC sites will be fraudulent / scam within 1-2 weeks.

If you advertise the site, it is already an investment.

And again, I remind you of the above: 95% of PTC sites are scams.

Of course, there are other options but everyone has to find their own taste.

Crypto: risky, unstable.

Website created by yourself - blog: there is a lot of competition in the field. Few are suitable for it.

Investments/Forex: a lot of risks

Freelancer: 12 = dozen

Casino / gambling: you are wasting your time / money

Poker: There are more bots than in the Crypto market.

Task site: you can like it for pennies, you can already comment on its sh1t

Surveys: After filling a questionnaire for 20 minutes, the page crashes at the finish. your money is gone. You cannot restart.

There are many more, but everything has its downsides.

The site is basically good. But! There are a lot of rules.
1. Pay attention to the blacklisted pages.
2. Also, be very careful not to advertise on an autosurf site.
3. You may want to check out the "Black list" subpage.


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