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review to BetFury, one of my favorite iGaming platform.

 Start your Betfury balance by collecting free bitcoins via FREEBOX 


 Been using the site for a bout a month now. Deposited $80 worth of BTC and currently I sit at 6400 BFG BTC, earning 5100-5300 sat daily. By running dice at 95% win chance I get roughly 1 BFG BTC per 200 satoshi lost so with current daily dividends I increase the amount of BFG BTC by 25-30 daily.

  enables you to earn free bitcoins via Boxes feature.

  BetFury is not a traditional Crypto Casino. Betfury is a hybrid i-gaming platform. Based on Tron blockchain with a combination of traditional gambling practices, Betfury provides a unique gaming experience for our users. There are mainly 4 types of games in BetFury. Namly In House Games, Slots, Casinos & Table Games. With those 4 types comes many different games such as Dice, Crash, Plinko, Circle, Auction Etc.

 BetFury Boxes:
This is a feature that has been introduced with BetFury 2.0 update. There are two types of Betfury boxes:
Free box – Claim 10 Satoshi every 20 minutes.
Investment Box – Purchase box with fixed monthly rate and price. Usually offering 5-10% interest rate per month.

 This is great for people growing their crypto bankroll or for those who wants to try BetFury casino without depositing their own funds.

As well the site have a great Rank System (11 ranks) and Cashback (up to 25%), plus Bonuses and Daily Tasks, and really feels like...We play and BetFury pays!

But what really make BetFury really unique is the BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool!
The best thing about the BetFury is their profit-sharing system. Every player on the platform mine BFG tokens with every wager made. These tokens are staked by players to receive dividends – a fair share of casino revenue.

The more you wager in total, the more BFG tokens you will mine and therefore bigger dividends payoff.
The dividends pool consists of total bets made by players in all the currencies. Every 24 hour the dividends shares are paid out – 3% of the pool are distributed every days to the BetFury players. Your share depends on your amount of staked BFG tokens (they are put into the staking automatically after you make any wager)


 calls the faucet their Free Box, you can claim 10 Satoshi every 10 minutes.
My strategy is to build up a bankroll of at least 300 Satoshi and then head to their dice game

This strategy is the best mathematical way of "mining" this tokens, but you can achieve better results with luck. But in the long run the house always wins so might be better to stick to the best strategy. This is to mine in the most effective way, NOT TO WIN BTC BETTING!

  Collect your free satoshis every 20 minutes
    Go to "All Games" Tab and choose the dice game
    Set for "Roll under 95" bet 5% of your FREE Bitcoins
    Set auto and let reset on win or lose
    Use the Fast mode by clicking it on the top
    Just let it run until it drys up your funds

 The platform is full of various games. The in-house games are well known games such as Dice, Keno, Hi-Lo, Plinko, Mines, Coin Flip or others. Unique designs created only for BetFury casino. These games are great for quick fun or ideal for mining BFG tokens 

There is wide offering for slot lovers (over 1000 slot games) and Spinmatic, Fugaso, Playson are just few of the world-famous providers, that the platform is collaborating with.

The basic idea here is not to win bitcoin, but to keep the dice rolling, I play small bets.
The longer you play, the more "mining" of their token you do.
I turn on Autoplay and Fast Mode. I make sure to turn on the Stop on Loss too.

A good strategy could be to have your Stop Loss set at half of your total daily faucet claims.
This way you could slowly build up your daily bitcoin balance and BFG tokens too.

You also receive cashback from these gambling losses:

they support only crypto deposits and withdraws. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are not limited. House edge is high for some games but it is still manageable to win and be in profit.
Withdrawal limits and fees are:

    Minimum for BTC withdraws: 2500 satoshis (fee 2500 satoshis). They even have an option for fast transactions with a slightly higher fee.
    Minimum for TRX withdraws: 0.1 TRX (no fee)
    Minimum for BTT withdraws: 10 BTT (no fee)
    Minimum for USDT withdraws: 0.1 USDT

 Bitcoin transactions are little slower and it looks like they are processed manually because it had a pending status for almost 12h. But after they approved withdraw transaction was processed very fast.
I bought some Boxes last month and today I managed to withdraw my first profits from them. But unfortunately, right now all boxes are sold out and I cant buy more of them but maybe in the few days I manage to grab one or two again.
If you don't want to risk losing your own money there is an option for claiming free BTC every 20 minutes. You only need to solve one captcha. With earned coins, you can try a platform or you can just collect them and when and withdraw them when you reach a minimum for withdrawing. Right now, minimum for withdraw is 5000 satoshis (withdrawal fee is 2500 satoshis, so it would be a good strategy to collect at least a few thousands of satoshis before you submit withdrawal request). Also, you can play games with your faucet earnings and speed up the earning process even more


 Best Crypto Gambling and betting site with games, slots, casino, live casino, bonuses and promotions. Unique to this site is that you can stake crypto and get daily cashback on your dividends. They also offer a high paying referral program.

I'm aminout Because of several reasons i decided to learn new skills. After many years of experience and work as a freelancer for many companies, i learned skills like Content writing and SEO.


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